About page:

So instead of sharing my life story with you in a long essay, I thought it would be more fun to do an interview. Only problem is I couldn’t find anyone who would agree to interview me (thanks a lot mum), so I had to interview myself.

Who are you and why are you bothering me?

Umm but you asked me for the interview?! My name is Adi Chanda from not so sunny Melbourne, Australia. I’m the founder of Chanda Academy.

Currently, I work as a Product Manager but my true passion lies in teaching. I’ve been tutoring Maths since I was 18 and it has been an amazing experience. With an Electrical Engineering degree under my belt and helping heaps of students over the last 8 years, Maths has been my bread and butter for a long time now. I want this site to be an awesome resource for students who need help with their Maths (I plan to release courses in other subjects in due course).

You talk a lot. What’s your inspiration behind Chanda Academy?

I really want someone else to interview me. Anyways, I’ve always been a huge proponent for education all my life. I violently agree with the late Nelson Mandela that education is the single most powerful tool we have at our disposal to make a positive change in the world.

As I said earlier, I absolutely love teaching. A trip to Cambodia in lateish 2015 changed my life. I had the opportunity to teach some wonderful kids, which propelled me into action to try and make a real difference. Education being so close to my heart, I thought to myself, how can I bring my teaching to a few more people?! My research eventually led me to create this site.

What’re the plans for the future?

I have fairly ambitious plans for Chanda Academy. My background is in Maths so for the time being, I will focus on creating content on Maths but eventually I’m going to start collaborating with experts in other fields like science, languages, arts, history etc. to bring you guys even more awesome value.

A definite plan for the future is to also bring Chanda Academy to students who don’t have the opportunity to get formal education, whether that be due to a lack of infrastructure or lack of opportunities. My school in Cambodia is first on the list.

How did you make your start with all this?

My teaching journey online all started with Udemy. I’d never heard of it before but when I did I couldn’t believe I wasn’t on it already. It was literally the kind of thing I’d been looking for to try and reach more students around the world. Although a great place to make a start, it’s hard to have any kind of creative control on platforms like Udemy. It’s a for-profit organisation after all so making money is the main aim. And they really tie your hands in terms of the value you can offer with their ridiculous pricing tiers. After getting a little sick of their constant changes, I decided to branch out on my own.

What makes you different?

I care. I know, sounds like another cliche. But I really do care. I love teaching and I love working with students of all ages. What people consider to be going above and beyond, I consider to be business as usual. This mindset has been at the forefront in my tutoring and will be embedded into the very culture of Chanda Academy moving forward.

Why should I pay you when I can probably get stuff for free on YouTube?

Ahh yes, I was wondering when you were going to get to that. The old why pay when everything’s on YouTube conundrum. I love YouTube. I use it all the time. But rarely for educational purposes. Why? Because tutorials on YouTube are all over the place. There’s absolutely no structure to what you’re learning. With my courses, I’ve made it super easy for you to navigate. You simply make your way from lecture to lecture, without ever having to wonder “hmm what do I do next?!”. By paying to be a member on this site, you know you’re getting taught by someone who’s good at what he does with a proven track record. I also encourage you guys to request topics and ask questions that I can address with new videos. I don’t want to leave a single stone unturned. So if the course or courses are missing something, let me know!

Why are you only charging so less? Is your goal to be poor?

Umm weird thing to ask. Education should be affordable. I don’t understand why teachers charge an arm and a leg for their content. Learning should be accessible and money should never ever be the reason why someone can’t learn. I’m so fervently for this concept, that if you’re someone who will struggle even with the current prices, then get in touch with me and we’ll work something out.

What can students expect when they sign up for your site?

They can expect some great content at a really affordable price. I also provide quizzes and worksheets to further test everything that you learn during the courses.

I also offer other services like private coaching and checking (not doing) assignments and providing feedback. Check out my other services page to check the pricing.

What else do you do with your time?

Well when I’m not at home playing with my gorgeous niece and cute little puppy, I’m usually just kicking it watching movies or reading a book. I may sound boring but..no okay maybe I’m a little boring.

Anything else students should know about you?

I love travelling. It’s a big part of my life and another motivator behind Chanda Academy. I hope it will one day give me the opportunity to travel more extensively and teach all around the world.

I also like eating. I’m known as the human garbage disposal around my friends and family. Fairly hurtful, now that I think about it.

Yep I can definitely see you as a garbage disposal. Any last thoughts?

You’re the worst interviewer I’ve ever met but I like the look of your face.

And also to my current and future students, welcome to the Chanda Academy family. Let’s change the way we learn stuff and help make the world a little better as we do.